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Design Tools Programming Notes for Sorting. 33 item. Design Tools In the A-Day of Your Life! The Play's the Thing! Programming and development tools. 25 item. Design Tools Buddy and Co. This document has been downloaded from the UNC-Chapel Hill Library website. American College of Computer Access to the UNC Library's catalog database is subject to the normal Bibliographic Network Terms of Use and the College's conditions for use. The following are the collection name and number for this unpublished dissertation Database design and software development Developing tools Title: Database design and software development. Research Advisor: Dr. Will Dowhan. Date: 2003. This document is available in multiple formats from the UNC-Chapel Hill Library [accessed on 11/2/2010]. [search term in Title, Abstract, Descriptors] [accession number] [unpublished, no permission, no copyright, no publisher, no publisher place and date] Description _____________________________________________________________________________ Introduction This dissertation is concerned with the design and development of tools to create and analyze algorithms for database design. Algorithms are problems that have a well-defined solution. Each database has some set of data algorithms that have to be satisfied for the data to be successfully organized. Although a database is a collection of data organized in a certain way, every database represents a particular problem. Therefore, algorithms are an essential part of the design of database systems. The research is based on the guiding principle that the development of tools, such as IDEs (integrated development environments), should be guided by the requirements of the problem at hand. Therefore, it is not out of place to discuss the basic requirements of database design and development and how these requirements have been met in the design and development of the tools described in this thesis. An algorithm is a program that manipulates a set of data elements using a set of rules which govern how the data elements are connected to one another and to the rules. Thus, algorithms are a form of program that are directed by a set of rules. The specific problem that a database must solve is determined by the data that the database must organize. Therefore, a database is a problem-specific form




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